CM CIC Investissement & BPIFFRANCE – HARDIS Group - February 2018

LBO – Duteil Avocats (David Merlet, Cristlan Rawlins and Valérie Peressini) advised CM-CIC INVESTISSEMENT and BPIFRANCE in relation with the primary LBO of Hardis Group.

 Hardis Group, a consultance firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, undertakes a capital transmission to accelerate its development and to ensure its long-term independence. CM-CIC Investissement, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, with Bpifrance, is strengthening its digital portfolio by structuring this operation as a majority shareholder, alongside Nicolas Odet (the future CEO of Hardis Group), Yvan Coutaz (Managing Director) and around thirty managers, who will hold nearly a third of the company’s capital. The founders are also supporting this stage by reinvesting.

 Founded in 1984, Hardis Group currently has a turnover of approximately €116 million and has 1, 115 employees, based in Grenoble (where the group’s head office is located), Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes and Bordeaux and further afield in Spain, Benelux and Switzerland.

 With its technological and business expertise, the group can offer tailor-made applications and integrate software components that address the issues of its core sectors (finance, insurance, distribution, logistics, industry, energy). Hardis Group’s Reflex software suite and Eyesee inventory drone enable international companies to meet the challenges of efficient logistics operations in warehouses, factories and stores all over the world.

February 2018