Private equity

Duteil Avocats advises various investment funds, wealth funds (e.g. business angels, family offices etc.), investment banks and SMEs in connection with private equity transactions.

Duteil Avocats provides clients with upstream assistance in transactions by participating in their strategic reviews of the various legal and financial options and selecting the best options for them.

During this transaction structuring phase, the firm helps clients to develop their management package strategy.

Duteil Avocats drafts and negotiates the various contractual documents required by these transactions including investment deeds, shareholders’ agreements, warranty agreements, call option agreements, etc.

Duteil Avocats also prepares legal documentation required to complete transactions, and in particular  the documents related to the issuance of simple or complex securities (e.g. preferred shares, share with attached warrants, bonds, convertible bonds, redeemable bonds, “OCEANE”, “OBSAR”, etc.) and management incentive packages (e.g. warrants, founder warrants, internal rate of return transfers etc.).